Who are checks written out to for payments?
Checks should be made out to LTRC Coop Tots.

How is your curriculum preparing the 4’s class for kindergarten?
As a member of the co-op students will engage in many activities that will help them to be ready for kindergarten such as circle time, activity/ craft time, snack time, and recess. During circle time students will learn the Pledge of Allegiance, months, days, seasons, numbers, and letters. Students will also participate in show and tell. Show and tell gives each student the opportunity to speak in front of the group and answer questions from peers. The theme of the day will also be discussed during circle time. Circle time is important as it teaches the children how to sit on the rug for an extended period of time while listening to teachers and peers. Crafts help the children to learn how to follow multi-step directions, use scissors and glue, write their name, be creative and take pride in their work. Games and activities focus on learning letters, numbers,shapes, taking turns, sharing, small motor skills, large motor skills, and working as a team. For a more detailed description of our curriculum please see the "Curriculum" tab.

Do you provide before or after care for the students?
We do not typically offer before or after care. There have been years when we have had the opportunity to offer an after school program called “Lunch Bunch”, but this offering is dependent on current school year enrollment and is not offered every year.

Does the Co-op participate in any fundraisers?
We may have fundraisers, which would be based on the need to supplement the costs of the daily operation of the Co-op. Participation in fundraisers is strictly voluntary. Past fundraisers have included Chick-Fil-A night, Panera night, and Scholastic book sales. All help is sincerely appreciated.

My child is not potty trained. Can he/she attend the program?
All children MUST be toilet trained – there will be no exceptions to this policy. In the event of on-going accidents, the teachers reserve the right to suspend enrollment of the student until the problem is corrected.

What is your school closing/inclement weather policy?
The Co-op follows the same inclement weather closings or state of emergency closings as Baltimore County Public Schools. If they are closed, the Co-op is closed. When public schools open one hour late because of inclement weather, classes will start one hour late in the AM, but PM classes will start on time. However, if there is a two-hour delay, AM classes will be canceled and PM classes will start on time.

Daily Procedures

Are there security policies when entering and leaving the building?
Student safety is our first priority. You are asked to escort your child to and from the building. All parents and caregivers must sign their child in and out each school day. This is a state regulation. After all students have arrived, the door is closed and locked. Students are dismissed individually by the teacher at the end of the day directly to the parent or caregiver.

Do the classes attend any field trips?
Field trips are offered throughout the year for our 4’s program. This generally includes two in the fall and one in the spring along with one or two in-house events. The 3’s program does not participate in any field trips.

Where is the best place to park?
Do not park in fire lanes or in handicapped parking spots. The police will issue tickets. The parking spots in the lots are assigned to Pinewood teachers and are not for Co-op use. We suggest parking in the front circle of the school or on Greenpoint Road in Mays Chapel. The Co-op does not assume responsibility for any tickets, fees, or damages to any vehicles on school property.

Volunteer Days / Duties

How often do I need to volunteer?
The class vice-president schedules these in advance. For the 3 year-old program, you can expect to work about once a month and for the 4’s it will be twice a month. Parents with multiple kids will work a corresponding multiple of days more than a single-child parent. Your helper day will mainly consist of assisting teachers and children with their daily projects and activities. Active and cooperative participation from parents is mutually beneficial to the children, teachers, program and the parents themselves.

What kinds of duties will I perform as a parent helper?
Arrive 15 minutes early (9:00 AM or 12:15 PM) to assist the teachers in preparing the classroom for the daily activities. Supply juice/cups or snack/napkins, as indicated on the monthly calendar. Assist in the implementation of the teacher’s plans. Before and after snack, clean the table and sweep the floor around the snack table. After the class is over, vacuum the rug and assist in any further cleaning. Do not bring any siblings or other children on your helper days. Refrain from using your cellphone while you are a helper.

Can I bring my younger child?
Licensing regulations stipulate that children not registered for the program may not attend school on parent helper days.

Can another family member volunteer in my place?
We welcome grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, and special friends as helpers in our classroom. All designated helpers must be able to speak English and move freely about the classroom.

What are housekeeping duties?
These days are scheduled once a semester and involve a cleaning assignment for the last 30 minutes of class or another duty as specified by the teacher (for example, cleaning toys or dress-up clothes).

Snacks / Food Allergies

Is a snack provided?
Parent helpers provide the snack and juice each day.

What are your policies regarding food allergies?
If your child has an allergy, please alert the teachers at the beginning of the year. We are a nut-free school and cannot serve any food that contains nuts or nut pieces. Snacks must also be dairy-free. If your child has any other allergies, or you do not wish your child to consume certain foods (due to life style choices) you can provide a snack for your child.

My child has food allergies. Can I bring his/her own snack?
If a parent or guardian requests a modified diet for medical reasons, a letter from the child’s health practitioner must be provided to the Co-op and updated every six months. This letter must specify which foods should be deleted from a child’s diet. The Co-op will take every reasonable precaution to accommodate these special needs, provided there is documentation.Parents who do not want their child to have a particular snack due to a lifestyle choice or other reason must provide their child’s snack every school day.

What do you offer for birthday or holiday celebrations?
Every child has an opportunity to celebrate their birthday. Children with summer birthdays will have a “school birthday” usually sometime in the later part of the year. We also have small in classroom celebrations for the winter holiday, spring holiday, Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

Do you have a list of recommended snacks?
Snacks cannot contain nuts or be milk-based. They must be packaged and sealed when brought in, but can be mixed/cut once in the classroom.

Discipline / Separation

What if my child has separation issues?
From time to time a child may have difficulty separating from his/her parent. If a child becomes upset when his/her parent leaves the teacher or assistant will help to calm the child and engage him in an activity that he finds pleasing. Typically, the child calms down in five minutes and goes on to enjoy the rest of the day. If a parent is concerned about their child's well-being, we encourage them to call the school to check on the status of their child.

How do you handle discipline issues?
In our Program, we view discipline not as a means of punishing a child who has acted inappropriately, but rather as a means of teaching a child. Positive discipline teaches children where the limits are set, how to maintain control over their bodies and how to solve problems in the event of conflict.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email our President at LTRCcoop@yahoo.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.